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Why mare’s milk?

We’ve been planning and researching this project for the last fifteen years and have gathered scientific research from around the globe. As the first ever commercial producer of mare’s milk here in the UK, we’ve identified a data led approach to harnessing the many benefits from the application and consumption of mares milk.


100% Natural

An increasing number of people are becoming intolerant of dairy milk due to many different factors. Our Combe Hay English mare’s milk is produced on our beautiful farm in the county of Somerset, located in the Cotswold Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. We produce mares milk in small batches using organic and natural materials.

Data Driven Research

Many new products come to market making spurious claims as to the benefits they offer, with little or no evidence to back up the claims made. We’ve spent the last fifteen years carefully collating research, and conducting our own, in order to decide whether or not to commercially produce mare’s milk and share the benefits we know to exist. Subsequently, we invite you to share our research and the benefits of mare’s milk with regards to the performance of elite athletes, health benefits and cosmetic applications.