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Why Mares Milk?

Mares Milk is the closest substance in nature to a mothers milk. It contains less fat, more protein, vitamin C, essential minerals and collagen than any other natural milk. In fact studies have shown that mares milk outperforms many sports supplement products and is used by elite athletes to improve performance. Additionally it is now being recommended by doctors to chemotherapy patients and its applicable uses are rapidly being discovered.

An alternative to dairy

Modern dairy farming is bad for the environment and an increasing number of people are becoming intolerant of cow’s milk due to pesticides being used in feed for the modern dairy herd. Our English mares milk is produced on our beautiful farm at Combe Hay just outside Bath in small batches with 100% organic and natural materials.

The finest products

Since Cleopatra famously bathed in Mares Milk, it has been synonymous with luxury. However more recently the medicinal benefits of Mares Milk is being discovered such as for treating psoriasis, acne, helping with digestive disorders or even treating chemotherapy patients. And of course, it’s still great for bathing in.

The only UK producer

We are the first and only producer of Mares Milk in the UK, based upon our Combe Hay farm in Somerset and working to high standards of animal welfare.

Certified Organic

Our farm operates to the highest possible standards and is currently licensed by the Soil Association with an Organic certificate of registration (G4074).

Made With Love

Our foals have exclusive access to their mothers colostrum milk and are never separated from their mother throughout the entire milking process and natural life.

A Truly Unique Product

For over 5,000 years mares have been cultivated for their milk, beginning with the Botai people on the Mongolian steppe. The health benefits have been known to many cultures, however here in the UK we’ve developed a world first, our unique Mares Milk cheese is made by a master cheese maker from our 100% organic Mares Milk right here on our Combe Hay Farm with hints of watermelon and hazelnut.

A gentler approach to farming

Our mares and foals forage the organically certified fields of our Combe Hay farm. 

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